PDF2XL 6.0.0


With CogniView's new PDF2XL Data Converter, you can turn a five-hour cutting-and-pasting project into a speedy 10-minute task. Simply open your PDF, select the table data you want to convert - from one page to multiple pages, or even a portion of a page - and PDF2XL automatically displays a preview of the selected data. You can leave the selection as it is, or manipulate it, then export to Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Word, or the clipboard. PDF data extraction is as easy as that!

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PDF2XL 6.0.0

User reviews about PDF2XL

  • wesberghahn

    by wesberghahn


    Saved me a ridiculous amount of time. Easy to use and intuitive..   More.

  • vancityboy

    by vancityboy

    "The best program we reviewed and consequently decided to purchase."

    We recently purchased PDF2XL after using up all the free trial uses they allowed and after looking at a number of oth...   More.

  • 1472338004

    by 1472338004

    "Effective and Easy to use!"

    Great program... a super fast way of extracting data from PDF documents into Excel..   More.

  • syed.jafri.376

    by syed.jafri.376

    "May be general use are fine but not good for professional use!!!"

    this is not good enough software use us because its not able to do the scan pdf2xl specially in my case. Thanks Syed..   More.

  • nickeyt8

    by nickeyt8

    "Impressed by PDF2XL"

    This was pretty easy to use, and converted my PDFs well. Overall pretty impressed..   More.

  • daniellegreen201

    by daniellegreen201

    "Really cool and easy to use product"

    Really cool and easy to use product. Installation takes a second. I was converting PDFs in no time..   More.